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how to choose self-adhesive materials


1. the material and surface condition of the substrate:
is the material of the sticker metal or plastic? is the surface of the substrate flat or curved? is it smooth or rough? grasping the material and surface condition of the substrate is the most basic basic in the manufacturing process of the sticker. depending on the material and surface properties of the sticker, the required performance of the label will also change.

2. what is the length of the label pasting time? is it a permanent paste (strongly sticky) type? still re-launch?
some self-adhesive labels require long-term, permanent sticking to the surface of the substrate; some labels require easy removal after pasting; others require re-sticking after peeling, so carefully confirm the purpose of the label is very important.
3. label pasting place? surroundings?
some self-adhesive labels can withstand high temperatures, while others, on the other hand, do not peel off easily in the case of condensation in low-temperature environments. these indicate the performance of the label as the label is pasted and the surrounding environment changes. the requirements will also change.
4. how to paste the label?
is it hand-paste? still using an automatic labeler? the design concept of the label will also change depending on the labeling method.
5. are there restrictions on regulations, policies, etc.?
the applicable laws and regulations for export-oriented products are subject to change depending on the country and region of export. faxin zhongxin has extensive experience in this area, but prior investigation and confirmation are still essential.
6. other special requirements?
for example, special sizes, special shapes, special uses, etc., it is necessary to fully confirm all events before selecting the self-adhesive label material.



various functional coatings

1. flame retardant coating:

after the material has been treated with a special surface flame retardant coating and combined with flame retardant glue, the flame retardancy of the material can reach ul94v-0.
2. high temperature resistant coating:
the high temperature resistant bar coded polyimide surface coating can withstand high temperatures up to 300 degrees, does not change color, does not drop ink, and can also meet a variety of color requirements.
3. anti-static coating:
after coating, the material's antistatic index can reach 10 to 8 power, and the electrification voltage is less than 50v. it is a kind of label material that can meet the requirements of various electronic products for chips and other barriers.
4.uv printing wear resistant coating:
the material has good inking performance. it can be rubbed back and forth 5000 times under the friction of 1kg without deinking. it does not need protective film after treatment, and is suitable for mobile phone batteries and other electronic labels.
5. matte coating:
the matte surface is matt finish, suitable for half-tree and half-wax ribbon, full-tree ribbon printing, good printing effect, including black matte surface, white matte surface (alcohol-resistant coating) and discolored matte coating.
6. barcode printing wear resistant coating:
after the surface of the material is treated, it can improve the printing performance and has excellent solvent resistance (1kg pressure, more than 100 times) after printing. such coating treatment can be carried out on the surface of materials such as pet, xiaoyinlong, and fog film.
7. anti-scratch coating:
mainly suitable for general anti-scratch effect, including transparent scratch-resistant coating and matte scratch-resistant coating.



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